Seasonal Favourites

I was texting my best friend evar the other night and later on Facebook made a comment about a song in the movie “White Christmas”.  I have the dvd and watch it often.  It’s also conveniently on Netflix.  So after I got that song earwormed into my skull, I decided to watch it.

The Hanes Sisters!

Of course once you start watching Netflix, it always suggests other movies for you to watch, based on your viewing history.  So Love, Actually popped up.  So I started to watch that as well.  I love Hugh Grant in that.

chubby girl

Ha ha ha!

I also like to watch The Best Years of Our Lives, even though it’s not a Christmas-type movie.  I just like it.  Dana Andrews!  Myrna Loy!  Frederic March!

Holiday Affair is also a favourite.  Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh.

I’ve never had much affinity for “It’s a Wonderful Life”, even though it’s considered the quintessential holiday classic.  I’m a little more warm to “Miracle on 34th Street” but just because it has Maureen O’Hara.

And another not-Christmas film, The Thin Man (1934).  Such a crazy party – all the ex-cons, shysters, flatfoots, etc. in a chaotic Christmas party!

 I know some people who consider the Die Hard movies “Christmas” movies!  Ha!


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