not looking much like Christmas

because we’ve had unusually mild weather.  We had a bit of snow earlier in the season, but with melting temperatures, most of it is gone.  The roads are clear, the lawns are barely covered.

The poopers are not complaining.

we don’t need coats!

This was a couple of days ago.

muscle bound lad

It doesn’t look like it will change any time soon:

I guess it's not really "winter" yet.
I guess it’s not really “winter” yet.

Now that my hair is getting some length to it, I need to figure out how to style it:


I have been working on a new (to me) hat pattern – probably will have it finished tomorrow.  Some cables for a change!

And I decided that for my Crossfit workouts, I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and do more Rx level work outs.  I tend to drop down to the scaled version of movements for those I either don’t like and/or am slow or unskilled at.  So last night I did the Rx for the lifting and for the metcon.  It was rope climbs and thrusters.  Wooo!

rope climbs!!

I did five in the warm up, then did the metcon, then a couple afterwards.  Good times!


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