Saturday Slow Down

I had a commitment to ref the rec league roller derby in Saskatoon last night.  I was feeling pretty tired and beat up from Crossfit the past couple of weeks, so I took it easy during the day.  Did a lot of skating last night as I was a jammer ref.  Also am taking today and tomorrow off and will get back at it on my usual schedule on Monday!

Our programming the past few weeks at the gym has been really good.  Lots of mixing it up and doing things a bit differently to focus on specific movements.  I’m loving it!

I had been looking online at a lot of different crochet hat patterns and still have a few more I want to try.  This one was pretty easy:

Cloche style hat

Ravelry project page is here. I only did one round of single crochet at the bottom.  Next time I would likely do the four rounds.  I used the “large flower” instructions, but only did one round of petals.  Next time I would probably use the instructions included for the “small flower” for the cape.

This is the Lion’s Pride Woolspun chunky/bulky weight yarn.  The next pattern I’m going to try uses worsted weight, so we’ll see how that goes.  I am not a natural crochet-er.

The poopers have busy weekend plans, as illustrated below:

suuuuch a tough life



And tomorrow I have junior roller derby in Saskatoon, so that will be fun!  Freezing rain is forecast (and I drove through some of it coming home last night) but I hope the roads will be good when I need to travel.


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