Photo Fun

I have some crocheted hats to show, but not until tomorrow.  On one of the greyhound forums I follow, people were posting photos of their poopers that they had made with a photo editing app called “Super Photo”.  I actually have that app on my smart phone but had never used it or played around with it.  It’s fun:


This is the painting filter.  There are several different filters/manipulations you can play around with.  I liked this one so much, I changed my laptop background to it.

Sunday was my last derby obligation for another eight weeks or so.  It has been a long season.  I realized the other night that since I became involved in derby (March 1, 2012) I haven’t had an “off season”.  So this is going to be a well deserved break from skating.  I’ll still probably go ice skating, though.  And of course I’ll be going to Crossfit all the time!


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