Crochet Hats

I’m enjoying making some crocheted hats for a change.  I love knitting and the resultant knit fabric, but crocheted hats are faster and there are some interesting designs.

ear flap hat

This was really quick.  I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice.  I need to fiddle with the ear flaps as you can tell which rows were worked on the other side.  But cute pattern and it will be warm.  Ravelry project page is here.

I was looking on Pinterest and Ravelry for some different hat patterns/ideas in crochet.  I found quite a few.  For some reason, most of the crochet patterns I find on blogs, etc. are not ideally suited to print quickly.  So I had been copy/pasting into MS Word and printing the relevant sections off.  I found a pattern for a “newsboy” type cap, copy/pasted/printed it and started working on it.  However, once I got the crown down and was working on the sides, it seemed difficult and it didn’t look like the photo on the pattern.  I did a few rounds, then went back to investigate.  What I had ended up doing was mixing two patterns together from the same designer and was using the wrong stitch pattern.

I ripped it back last night and got started again.  Using Vanna’s Choice again.  A really great, easy care economical yarn.  I’ve been doing food prep today, so no crochet/knitting time.  Crossfit at six and we will be doing Cindy XXX.  Good grief.  Ha ha ha!

kill me now
kill me now



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