Crossfit Christmas Fun

At my gym, our Christmas party was an all-day event, starting at 10 and going until late afternoon.  We did five separate work outs, and had a delicious potluck lunch in between.

I made the coconut balls and also did a crockpot full of pulled pork.  Soooo good!

did good!
did good!

I didn’t expect to do very well with the snatch.  I struggle with overhead lifts of any significant weight.  But really happy with the clean and jerk.  And the timed wods were pretty tough, but doable.  No one likes Fran.  Ha ha ha.  We had the choice of doing Isabel or Grace, and I chose Grace.  30 Clean and Jerks for time.

We have a good, fun, supportive group of friends and workout buddies at our gym.  My group of four have started taking “awkward (gym) family photos” at the events we attend.

this is my favourite!!
this is my favourite!!

We always have such fun.

fun times at Pure Athletics!
fun times at Pure Athletics!

When we got home yesterday, I had enough energy to have a shower, eat a bit, then I sat on the couch watching movies and working on my latest crochet hat.  I ended up having to rip it out almost to the beginning because I didn’t like how it looked at the end/beginning of rounds where I was changing colours.  I’d rather start it over and have it look nice.



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