Hello 2016

As is our usual custom, we spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home.  We went out for Chinese food with my parents, but I was home and in my jammies on the couch before 7 p.m.  Perfect!


I’ve been working on Bill’s afghan.  I had a couple of false starts, but now it’s going smoothly.

Easy Ripple Afghan with Vanna's Choice yarn
Easy Ripple Afghan with Vanna’s Choice yarn

The colour changes are every two rows, so I will stop every so often to weave the ends in so it won’t be such a chore when I’m done.  I like the colour combination.

We went to one last Crossfit class for 2015, at noon yesterday.  I managed to increase my 2-rep max on deadlift from 195 to 225.  And that was my old one-rep max number, 225.  Looking forward to slowly pushing that up to 250 as the year progresses!

deadlift 2rm
deadlift, my favourite!

For 2016, I have some specific goals for my fitness regime.  There is a small group of us that want to compete in an event in September.  I have a few things I really need to work on and improve upon, so my extra gym work will be focused on those things.  And I will continue my new philosophy of doing the Rx workout every time, if I am physically capable, instead of ignoring it and dropping down to the scaled version if the Rx is something I dislike or am not as skilled at.  Already I have seen some improvements by doing so.

And for derby, I’m undecided what I’m going to do there.  In 2015 my first league folded and I joined the league in a nearby city.  That was great for ref development, practice and game opportunities, but I did travel a lot (both for weekly practices and regular games, as well as scrimmages, juniors and to other far-flung leagues around the province).  I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to that again for another long season.  I have time to figure out my plan as practices don’t start again until February.  One other thing that comes into this decision is that one of the Crossfit classes I feel I need to attend is on Tuesday nights, which conflicts with derby practice an hour and a half’s drive away.




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