Regular January Weather

i.e. we had -30something windchill over the weekend.  Good days to stay inside and be warm.

I finished Bill’s afghan yesterday.  I had finished the crocheting of it on Saturday night, but it took me a couple of hours on Sunday to do the edging.

Easy Ripple Afghan using Vanna’s Choice yarn

The colours are much nicer and “go” together better than the photo shows.

top edging

I found a page describing how to even out the top/bottom ripple edges and then I did a single crochet border around the whole afghan.

It ended up being 60″ x 72″.  Ravelry project page is here.  It seems to do the trick:


I was really glad to finish that.  It was really heavy and cumbersome to have that in my lap as I worked on it.  Next one, I will consider making squares and then assembling.

I had started this little hat at Christmas time, but put it down to work on the afghan.  I finished it last night.

Easy Peasy hat

I don’t know why the photo is blurry … Ravelry project page is here.

I have some yarn left over in each colour.  Not a full ball, but two smaller bits of each colour.  I’m thinking of making striped hats or hat/mitten combos.  Our local food bank has a need for hats and mittens of all sizes for their patrons.  I might not have much for the rest of the winter, but can stockpile for next year.

I did advise my reffing crew that I was taking 2016 season off to pursue some Crossfit goals.  It was a really hard decision to make.  I will miss our Saturday night zebra dates.

Cranky hangs up stripes

We have a really good crew and we all work so well together. 😦

I made a crock pot of Chicken Enchilada stew/soup the other day:


I made a few more tweaks from the last time.  I didn’t add any chicken stock (it was very liquidy last time) so it was a thicker soup/stew texture.  When It was done cooking, I took all the chicken out, shredded it with a fork, then stirred it back in.  I added frozen corn kernels.  I didn’t make the enchilada sauce this time.  I added a tall can of tomato puree (just tomatoes, nothing else) and added the enchilada sauce seasoning to the tomato puree.  It turned out great – perfect for this blustery weather!


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