More hats and hounds

Crocheting that afghan took a lot out of me.  Ha ha ha!  I didn’t want to crochet for a while after it.  But I didn’t know what I wanted to knit next, so I did end up crocheting a couple of hats.  The brown one shown below, then I used some of the leftover afghan yarn and made this purple one:

seamless hat with camel stitch

(I don’t know why my phone camera has been blurry lately – more on that later)

I saw a hat with “camel stitch” on Pinterest and looked into how it was done.  It looks like a horizontal knit stitch.  So I tried a few rounds on this hat.  Interesting.  I used the “seamless earflap hat” pattern for this, but just didn’t make ear flaps.  I finished it with a couple of rounds of single crochet.  Ravelry project page is here.

I started knitting a basic hat using the greys from the afghan – not really using any specific pattern, just ribbed bottom then stocking stitch stripes.  I cast on 90 stitches to start.  Ravelry project page is here.  I no sooner got that underway when I decided I wanted to try knitting myself a pair of knee high socks.  I’d made some for a friend before (who had stick straight legs so not much shaping needed for the calf) but needed to think and do some math for my meaty calves.  I have started them (project page here) and have done 2×2 rib for about 4″ on the first sock and am now catching the second sock up.  I’ll need to look at my math again.

We have had some bitterly cold days lately.  The poopers haven’t been too interested in going outside for very long.

staying warm

I had noticed lately my phone camera wasn’t taking sharp photos as it usually does.  Part of the problem is that autofocus doesn’t like brindle fur, so it’s hard to get a sharp photo of Ava, especially if she’s moving.  But then some pics of the hats and other dogs were blurry as well.  So I tried an experiment this morning – one photo with my phone, one photo with one of my compact digital cameras.



Canon PS Elph 300

On flickr it shows the technical details of each photo.  The camera used an aperature of f/2.7, the phone used f/2.2.  Shutter speed was 1/60 on camera, 1/17 on phone (because I had the flash shut off it needed a longer exposure).  Focal length was similar, 4.3mm on camera, 4.2mm on phone.  ISO setting was 800 on camera, 160 on phone.  I have most settings set to auto, but I might experiment with the phone and see if I can make the photos come out better.

Ava in her jammies




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