Yay, they’re finished!

I finished these on the weekend.  Really pleased with how they turned out.

Knee High Zauberball Crazy socks

The Ravelry project page is here.

The calf shaping worked out pretty good.

2 x 2 rib incorporating the decreases

There were a few things I would improve upon, when I make another pair.  I think 1×1 rib for two inches at the top would help the socks stay up.  They seem pretty grabby, but after wearing them all day walking around, they might start to slip.

I would also be a little more attentive to keeping the first two stitches as knit, and the last two as purls, when working the decreases.  I ended up doing K1P1, working the ribbing then ending with K1P1 at the end of round.  It worked out okay.

I still have a hat underway using up afghan leftovers.  And I started a pair of socks to take along with me when I go to Vancouver on Wednesday.  I don’t know if we’ll have a lot of knitting time, but I’ll be ready if we do!


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