Vancouver Part 2

It continued to be quite rainy on Thursday, so we had a lazy morning, then headed downtown.  We had some Fluevogs to try on.

heading in – that’s the Marine Building ahead!

I love Vancouver.  Such a great city and so much to see and do.

We spent an hour or so at Fluevog and I got a couple pairs of boots.  One was a planned purchase, but the other, I just couldn’t pass up.  I always make a list of what we tried on and in what sizes, so if I see it on sale later on the website, I know what size I take.

Our little whippet fashionista:

Vancouver is very dog friendly. Bing curled up on the settee while we shoe shopped.

Luckily (??) Ande and I wear the same shoe size, so the clerk didn’t have to bring out different sizes of the same shoes and boots.

not a problem …

unless there’s only one pair left in “our” size!

We didn’t stay downtown long; we had to get home with Bing and then catch the SkyTrain to go to an NHL game!

taking one of the new Vogs to the game!

The SkyTrain was a new adventure for me – pretty efficient and quick.  $8 for both of us to ride downtown.

we had pretty nice seats!

Vancouver hosted the Columbus Bluejackets, a team they don’t regularly play.  It was exciting!  They led 1-0 for most of the game, then it was tied up.  They had a five minute overtime period, then it went into a shoot-out.  On the last shot for Columbus, they scored.

Then we crammed back into the Sky Train to head out.  My personal space was grossly infringed upon, but I survived!  $5.75 for both to head back out!

I found a great sweatshirt:

love this one!

And that was Day 2!


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