Vancouver Part 4

Saturday – there was a break in the rain and we enjoyed some broken sun/cloud.  We got dropped off downtown after lunch and went to get tickets for “Flyover Canada” which is a very cool “ride” at Canada Place.  It’s sort of a simulator, amusement ride hybrid.  Very cool!

The Canada Trail runs along side the Canada Place complex and we found Prince Albert:

Vog and Vog

Ande let me wear my new 5-Eye Derby Swirl boots and she wore my 8-Eye boots.  Such a great friend!  Ha ha!

We did spend more time waiting in line after we bought our tickets than the actual attraction took to view, but still I feel it was worth it.

After that, we wandered downtown, did some window shopping on Robson Street, then popped into Cafe Crepe to warm up and get something to eat.

cafe crepe
“It’s not Denny’s!”

but it was a delicious savory crepe with chicken, tomatoes and bacon.  Very good with a nice hot cup of tea.

The Marine Building!

On our way, we walked past the Marine Building – I just love that building!  Next time we’ll go on a week day and get in there and nose around.

I mean, just look at its “art deco”ness:


We enjoyed another great evening “at home” with our knitting!


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