Vancouver Part 5

Sunday – back to the winter drizzle, but it was intermittent.  And at +8° C I wasn’t going to complain.  It was a lot colder back home.

We made a quick trip to MEC to look at day packs, then conveniently we were close to a Memphis Blues BBQ, so we had lunch:

The “Elvis” platter

We missed that in May, so this was a delicious treat!

elvis platter
that’s some good eats right there!

We needed to walk off our lunch, so we went to Granville Island on the way home.  There’s a fantastic hat store in there:

ande hat
I loved this hat on Ande!


hat 2
Some sort of Voyageur chapeau on Ande, and a leopard print Sherlock Holmes on me


hat store
Is your head cold? Nyet!


grumpy cranky
Grumpy Old Cranky

It was fun!  They had an imaginable number of hats of all descriptions and styles.  And some knitted ones, but I could make them a lot less expensively than they were being sold for.

Bing was pretty exhausted with his active weekend:

“good night, Auntie!”

As we had such a big lunch, we had a tasty salad for supper and made an early night of it.


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