Almost Finished My Shrug

I have a cute little black dress (sleeveless) that I plan to wear to a concert in a couple of weeks.  As it’s still winter here, I wanted a shrug or little bolero jacket to pair with it.  The one I had before is too tight in the shoulders and arms (thanks, Crossfit).

After browsing for a few hours on Ravelry, I found a very nice, lacy pattern called Lady Cornwall. There were plenty of completed projects and no one had any serious problems with it.  So when I was in Vancouver, I picked out a luxurious cashmere blend yarn for it.  After I had finished my latest socks, I started the pattern.

I ended up starting this project FIVE times.  The yarn I was using has a metallic sparkle fibre woven in, and by the time I ripped it out the fifth time, the sparkle had either fallen out or been destroyed.  (It was only about an inch and a half of knitting over 80 some stitches, so not a huge loss).

The pattern is … okay, but the formatting of the text and the way the instructions are written out are not very friendly.  Changes in fonts/sizes, reading one part of the pattern on page 2 then having to flip to page 4, etc.  The lace pattern itself (I was working from written instructions, not the chart) were somewhat confusing and instead of setting out that the center of the lace panel is done over a six stitch repeat, every row had an indication of how many stitches would be left in that section and give a separate set of instructions, even though the first six would be another lace repeat.  The way the written instructions were presented, it was easy to miss YOs and other stitches.

Another problem I had was that the lace pattern for the sleeve started on a different row than the lace pattern for the back.  So you would start the lace pattern on row 5 for the first part, then switch to row 11, then back to row 5.

I kept ending up with erroneous stitch counts (likely I was missing YOs), so I finally gave up.  But wanting to get my money’s worth, I used the construction and cast on/increases of the pattern and just did stocking stitch instead of the lace pattern.

view of the back

I had the sleeve stitches on waste yarn to try on the back after completing the ribbing.

ribbing to come

I will finish the sleeve ribbing today or tomorrow!

Got a hair cut a few days ago.  I basically just get the sides and back cut.  I’m trying to get the top long enough to bring out my curls.  Whenever I do get a cut, she always styles it like this.  Meh.

Meh. I was going to the gym later anyway, so it didn’t matter.



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