I waited until yesterday during the day to weave the ends in and take some photos of my little shrug/bolero jacket.  The yarn is a darkish blue.  (I had trouble getting the colour to be properly represented in the photos.)

“mapie” colourway of Sweet Georgia Yarns Cashluxe Spark

I had tried to make the Lady Cornwall shrug, but found the pattern so ill-written and hard to follow, after five tries I just used the stitch count and construction details to make a stockinette stitch version.  Ravelry project page here.

just the right size!

The shrug starts with the neck edge, then raglan increases are made forming the sleeves.  Sleeve stitches put on waste yarn, then the stitches for the body ribbing is picked up all the way around.  Really ingenious.

two inches of twisted rib


this shows a bit of the ‘magpie’ colour – the greeny purple within the blue.


25 feet of front-rack 35lb lunges … then burpees, then lunges, then pull ups. Ugh!

At our gym, several of us are participating in the 2016 Crossfit Open.  The first wod was on Friday.  It was a tough one!  I can only wonder what they have in store for us for this week!


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