Crossfit Open Week 2

My usual Friday Happy Hour crew did the 16.2 Open workout last night.  It was an interesting one.  I did better than I had expected, so I’m happy with that.

squat cleans. Each round more weight was added, but reps decreased.

The workout starts with 25 toes-to-bar/knees-to-elbows, then skipping, then 15 squat cleans.  If you complete that in the first four minute window, then you get another four minutes added.  Keep going until you don’t complete a round within the next four minute window.  Some of our friends managed to do five rounds in the complete 20 minutes allotted!

toes to bar or knees to elbows – 25 each round
skipping; my double-unders aren’t quite there yet, so I did 50 singles.
YAY! We survived another one!

On Wednesday night we started our six-week strength program at the gym.  I am looking forward to seeing some progress on my power lifts.  Here was my starting point:

both were substantial PRs for me.
both were substantial PRs for me.

At our gym, we have a food service that provides clean/healthy meals.  One that I really like are the “brotein waffles”.  Basically a waffle but grain free.  I wanted to play around a bit with making my own similar recipe.


but it needs some refinement.  I found the batter a little too liquidy, so I am going to try again and tweak the moisture levels.  I’ll report back here!


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