Crossfit Open 16.4

So I had to modify my 16.4 workout – I had planned months ago for a tattoo appointment on Thursday, and we had our allotted time for doing the 16.4 workout on Friday evening.  I wasn’t going to miss and have a “no score” for the week.  The workouts are only announced the night before, so I wasn’t sure I could even do any of it.  Luckily it started with 55 deadlifts, so I decided to do them Rx weight and just stop after that and not do the entire workout.

deadlifts 164b

I do enjoy a heavy deadlift

deadlifts 164

Rx weight for women was 155 pounds x 55 reps

It was plenty challenging!

after 16point4

glad that’s done!

Our traditional “after” pic:


“I AM smiling” ha ha ha!

Here’s a nicer one:


I have the best gym friends at our Happy Hour! So supportive!

We went back Saturday a.m. for a merchandising event and to cheer our fellow competitors on. I got to judge one heat!


“Im judging you!” Love my new blue bunny hug!

And here’s my new tattoo:

maple leaf tattoo

beautifully worked by Mister Steven James, Ink Addiction, Saskatoon



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