Glenn Miller Orchestra, March 9, 2016

I was thrilled to see (months ago) on the GMO tour schedule that not only were they again coming to Canada for a tour, they were actually coming to our little city!  Bill and I have seen them four (five?) times before, but we always had to go to Edmonton to see them at the Winspear.  I keep stalking the venue’s website and as soon as tickets were available, I got some!


The shrug I had been working on was to wear to this event.

and Bill in his new suit!

We had a fantastic time – there really is nothing like a live performance.  The venue was small, but it was nice to have seats so close to the stage!  They played the first set for over an hour, then a 20 minute intermission, then they played another 45 minutes or so.  Really great performance, a lot of familiar tunes (impeccably played) and a few new-to-me ones.  They had a different female vocalist than the last time we saw them.  She has a lovely voice!

The “Moonlight Serenaders”

The band personnel has also changed a bit since we last saw them, but they were “in tune and on time” – professionals!

in the mood 3
In the Mood

The link should go to the video,  but I was having trouble getting it to play.  They sounded phenomenal!

The evening was over all too soon.


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