Octopus Socks

I’ve been really busy at the gym the past month or so.  I’m glad when our strength cycle will be complete; that’s two extra classes a week.

After I finished the sparkle socks, I started a crochet hat until I decided what my next project would be.  I came across a pattern for stranded two colour socks, and I dug through my yarn stash and had two great colours that would look good for the pattern, so I cast on.

"Pet Octopus" socks
“Pet Octopus” socks

The pattern came with two sizes, a 72 stitch cast on and a 64 stitch cast on.  Due to the length of the leg, I started with the 72 stitches to accommodate my calf.  Then after the waves, I decreased down to 64 stitches.  It’s a little snug mid leg, but it fits perfectly around my ankle.

My stranding made the gauge a little tighter, so I’m consciously leaving loose floats and I think I can steam block the tight part so it fits better.

I have the second sock midway to the heel flap point.  Yarn and pattern details are on the Ravelry project page here.

I’m taking my time and not rushing.  Working from a chart, I pause every few stitches to count and make sure I’m not messing it up.



2 thoughts on “Octopus Socks”

  1. This pattern has been in my Ravelry queue for ages! It looks fantastic. Is it easy enough to switch between the 72 and 64 stitch sizes? I worry I’ll be between sizes like you.

    1. I know my “usual” sock gauge works to 68 or 64 stitches cast on. I have made some with a 72 stitch cast on because I made the leg longer. On those socks, I would do a decrease round (dec 4 stitches evenly) twice with an inch or so of knitting in between. The issue with these was working the decreases without disrupting the pattern, so I did paired decreases at the back of sock “seam”. It worked out okay, I think.

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