Gym time

We worked on box jumps the other night at gymnastic skills class.  I have a phobia of banging/scraping my shin on the wooden boxes (having done so  couple of times in the past), so I usually just step up whenever box jumps are in the metcon.  Our boxes are 20″, 24″ and 30″.

Instead of working with the box, I used bumper plates.  I kept adding height.  I got to this:


which was 26.5 inches.  I put a 10 lb plate on top of that and either I was fatigued, or I couldn’t jump that extra inch higher.  Next time.

We went to Saskatoon to watch the SRDL season opener.  It was quite odd to be sitting in the stands and spectating.  I haven’t watched a game in non-ref mode for a couple of years.  They were quite good games and we had a good time, even though Denny’s was closed when we went to eat after.

derby fun times!
derby fun times!

Ha ha – I saw this photo from the last week of the Crossfit Open:

Happy Hour Crew huddle
Happy Hour Crew huddle

Offering strategic advice.


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