Sunday Funday

Instead of doing our usual dog walk at the local park, our crew did a little road trip to explore an abandoned dam site near here.  La Colle Falls << info link

We took two trucks out – we had conflicting information about the state of the “road” going in, and were prepared to walk in, if need be.

“what could possibly go wrong?!”

We had to stop in a couple of spots to roll logs into ruts so the trucks didn’t bottom out, but we made it in.

off roading

It’s an interesting story – the most interesting was the fact that at the dam’s location, there never was/would be enough of a current to generate the amount needed to produce energy.

the entire site is heavily graffitied
I’m on your damn dam!

We explored every bit of the dam site.  It took some doing to get up inside, but we did.

success! And I only got a scraped calf.

We walked along the river bank towards the forks.  We saw a lot of deer and moose poop and tracks.  We skipped some stones in the river.

my stone is bigger than yours

We had lunch at the nearby Saskatchewan Forks picnic site:

we worked up an appetite for good eats!

Here’s the entire album on flickr.

In other news, it was Rufie’s 7th birthday yesterday.  He was happy to stay home and relax in the air conditioning.  The type of terrain we walked/climbed on all day was not greyhound friendly.

“I’m fine …”

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