Summit Run

I have some other posts I need to catch up on, but this was pretty big for me!  I “ran” a 5K race on Saturday.

didn’t die!

I’ve been going to weekly endurance classes at my gym since October.  I flip flopped until Thursday before registering for this race.  I have been having problems with my calves when I run, but I decided to just go and do what I could do.

A few weeks ago during an endurance class, we did a 5 km time trial.  I had a horrible time with my calves and it took me 40:21 because I had to stop and walk because of calf pain.  So I thought if I could get a time of under 40 minutes, I’d be very happy.  And I did it in 38:02.  That time would have been a little quicker if I hadn’t stopped to talk to friends and their dog for a minute.  Ha ha!

I might do this again

It was a very positive and inspiring event for me.  While I’m always going to be a powerlifter at heart, I would like to improve my running times and skills.

got a little medal for finishing!

My endurance coach is such an inspiration – she is trying so hard to get me to love running!  Ha ha ha – well, I might dislike it less than I used to.


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