Fort Carlton

As part of our Sunday Funday aka “active recovery” days, we decided to drive somewhere, take a ferry, and see something.  We packed a big cooler full of good eats and hit the road in the van.  Gorgeous sunny day, not too hot.  I had looked up Fort Carlton and the website I saw said it was open.  We took a circuitous route which involved a ferry, a religious shrine (detoured) and the Fort.  Which wasn’t open on weekends after all (not until July).  Hmmpht.

but I want IN!

Such a beautiful valley near the river.

looking west-ish

We explored what we could at the Fort, then had our delicious picnic lunch before heading out again.  We decided to not follow the map and just drove to see where the road went.  We got to the pretty much abandoned hamlet of Carlton nearby.  More pics are in the album here.  We walked around.  Interesting, but eerie.  We took a few turns here and there and ended up coming out at Rosthern.  So we stopped and had a look at the visitor center (closed).

handstands everywhere!

Did some light deadlifts.

Red River Cart Deadlifts

We then stopped at the Valley Regional Park to give the zip line a try (and have a pee).

a little more rustic than the Elk Ridge one, but fun all the same

And we stopped in at Duck Lake and had a look at Russell Hanson’s museum.  Really interesting stop to make. We drive past it all the time; I’m glad we had a look.  We plan to do more of these little day trips throughout the summer.


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