Still skating …

Even though I have taken the season off from officiating roller derby, my skates are still getting a lot of use.  As we try to have an “active recovery” day mid week, we have been out skating a few evenings.  It’s so convenient to have the trail so close to home.

Bill and I

I still gear up. I went out for an afternoon skate with one of my former league-mates and I didn’t wear my protective gear. I ended up with a sore back from being so rigid and afraid to fall.

danielle skate
“it won’t rain …”

This was after we also got hailed on.  We went the entire east-to-west length of the trail and back, about 10 miles.  The city tells us they’re going to finish the final 1.5 km of the trail so it completely circumnavigates the city.  This year.  Ha ha ha.  Sure, they will.  It’s inconvenient to skate the entire loop because there is a section where we have to be on surface streets instead of the nicely paved path. It’s okay to bike that way, but not skate.


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