Active Recovery Wednesday

We went out for a meandering bike ride on Wednesday night instead of going to the gym.  My new bike is all fixed from my tumble into the bushes and is riding perfectly now.

Bill on his Pee Wee Herman bike

We followed the Rotary Trail east along the river and then went off on a trail that leads along a drainage ravine down to the river bank.  We’d often see people with their dogs walking down that way, so decided to go see where it went.

didn’t fall down this time

Then we took another path along the bank and came out at a riffle/weir.  Very pretty!  The water level is quite low right now so we were able to walk out quite a ways.


Saw a float plane take off and land a few times!

float plane
It’s the Giant Bike Gang!

A lovely evening.

looking east from the kayak club dock in the west end

I’ve been playing around with the settings on my new camera and the fisheye:

not Ava’s best look!



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