Hats & Mittens

After my two pairs of socks, I wanted to work on some hats and mittens for charity before deciding on my next sock project.  I have a fair amount of easy-care worsted weight yarn left over from other projects that I want to use up.

I had the crochet hat pending for a long time while I worked on other projects, so once I finished it, I was looking forward to making some mittens to match.

“seafoam green”

Ravelry project page here and here.

aqua blue

These other ones I made a slightly smaller size (10-12 year old?).  I downsized the hat and mittens patterns by winging it, but they turned out okay.  Ravelry project page is here and here.

I have a hat made in bulky weight that I’d like to make mittens to match, so likely will cast on that next.

The gym was closed on Canada Day, but we went out for a slow jog for an “active recovery” day.

missing from the pic is Jye and Crystal

I’m still working on getting my calves so they don’t kill me when I run.  It’s a slow process.

And we went for a drive yesterday up to Candle Lake to pick up something that was forgotten by our friend’s mom.  Beautiful day – sunny, but not too hot.  I hadn’t been to Candle Lake in decades.

Fisher Creek that feeds into Candle Lake

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