Team Chaga mini-triathlon

After watching our coach and some fellow gym members compete in the Frank Dunn triathlon in Waskesiu, my workout partners and I decided to compete as a team in a mini triathlon in La Ronge.  It all hinged on my being able to either rent/borrow a bike (which I ended up buying).

We got up early yesterday and drove to La Ronge, checking the weather forecast all the way, as cell service allowed.  It wasn’t looking good.  Rain.

We arrived early and had a drive around.  After leaving La Ronge in 1992, the last time I’d been there was probably 10 years ago when we attended a regimental ball while living in Waskesiu.  It was interesting to see what had changed and what had remained the same.

The event started a bit late, but the first leg was the 500 M swim.  The sun had been out, but disappeared and it was windy, so the lake was choppy.  My team mate did a great job on the swim and handed off to me, for the 20 km bike ride.


around km 10
around km 10

The road was okay, when I could get off the shoulder.  For the most part, traffic was quite considerate and slowed down and gave us a wide berth.  There were some wet sections and lots of potholes in the driving lane, but I was able to avoid them.  There was just a couple of times when I had to stay on the shoulder and got jarred around a bit.

I don’t remember the road out to Nemeiben Lake turnoff being quite so elevated!  I sure got a good leg work out.  My bike ran perfectly.  I had worn my jacket because I was quite cold down by the lake, but by the time I got out on the highway I realized it was a mistake.  Next time, I’ll skip it.

My team mates had driven from the swim out to the running transition area and were awaiting my arrival.  I swooped in there, bumping along on the gravel/sand parking lot, through the grassy trail to do the hand off.  I checked my bike computer and it showed 46:56 as the time for the 20 km.  I was constantly trying to figure out while riding what my time would be and was thinking about 50 minutes.  There was some wind and less than ideal riding conditions, but I found it pleasantly challenging.

whew, got that done!
whew, got that done!

The rain held off until my team mate was about halfway done the 6 km trail run.  I’m glad it didn’t rain while I was on the highway, but it made the run less than pleasant for her.  The trail was slippery and had a lot of mud holes and the rocks were treacherous.  We ended up with a finish time of 1 hr 40 mins according to my watch.  The official time will be something around that.

It was a fun day, and we’ll probably do it again next year, along with some other similar events.  I’m not a strong swimmer or runner, but I can bike!  (Thanks Crystal for the great photos!)


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