We are Spartans!

My workout partners and I completed a 14 km/29 obstacle course race called the Spartan Super.  They are held across North America, but the one we attended was in Red Deer, about a 7 hour drive from here.

This was my first foray into obstacle course racing and I quite liked it!  A lot of the functional fitness movements that we incorporate at Crossfit were helpful.  We really lucked out on weather; the forecast had been quite gloomy with cool temps and rain, but it ended up being mostly sunny and low teen temps.

before and after
before and after

We were  Team Pure Spartans (our gym name is Pure Athletics).  I’m fired up for what specific training we can do to conquer all the obstacles next year!

There are more race photos to be released; if there are any good ones, I’ll post them.

Here’s a list of the obstacles:

Over-under-through walls

6 ft wall

5 ft wall

inverted wall

Atlas carry

8ft wall

7ft wall

rolling mud pits

stairway to Spartan (18’)

tire flip

parallel bars

z-walls (traverse)

cargo bridge (wall)

bucket carry

sand bag  carry

tractor pull


balance beam

multi-rig (rings & bars)

Barb wire mud pit

slip wall (that FUCKER)

Hercules hoist

monkey bars

tree maze


vertical cargo

rope climb

fire jump



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