Orange Surprise Sweater

“Pink Memories” pattern

I added this project to my Ravelry page when I didn’t have the pattern in front of me.  I knew it was some odd name, in my mind it came up as “Orange Surprise”.  The actual pattern is called “Pink Memories”. 😀

I had this Madelinetosh Tosh DK that I had bought years ago to make a short sleeved sweater.  I decided I wanted to use it for this, so I had to source come other yarn so I would have enough.  I found some at Hawthorne and Wool and love how it complements the orange.

I made my usual modifications to the sweater (longer in the torso, longer in the sleeves).  Instead of doing the colourblock option that the pattern has, I decided to add some contrast colour stripes/bands.  I like how it turned out.


I also did my preferred method of waist shaping.  The original pattern calls for an A-line shaped body, but I didn’t want that.  It also has garter stitch sections, and a pocket.  I ignored all of those.

Waist shaping

Again, I was off with my measurements and it’s a bit roomier than I had anticipated.  I washed the sweater when I got back from my trip to Vancouver, and it became quite loose and drapey.  I put it in the dryer for a while and that tightened things up a bit.

The colour of the yarns is most like the second photo.

The yarn was nice to work with, but the orange bled a lot onto my hands and needles.  It certainly is different after washing.  I am starting a new project with another colourway of this same yarn, so I did my gauge swatch and then washed it and dried flat.  It bloomed and softened.

perfect for under my rain coat in Vancouver!

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