Checking out for a while.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while.  We are all so attached to our phones, electronics, instant everything.

I sold my “smart” watch a while back.  I was sick of it always buzzing on my wrist.  Notifications from Instagram.  From Facebook.  Text messages. Messenger. Step counts.  It went on and on.  I felt much better after returning to a plain, old, analogue watch that … gasp … only tells time.

I noticed that wherever people are, most likely they have their chins to their chests, phone in their face.  That’s an epidemic.  I am guilty of that, too.  It’s entertainment in the palm of my hand.  Funny cat videos, cute doggo pics, what people are doing RIGHT THIS INSTANT.  I don’t compare myself to others, but I see that it’s a huge problem on social media, especially for women.  They see the “Instagram perfect” photos and posts and think they are somewhat less than the person posting.  That’s gotta stop.

And our daily routines and lives – we are now so conditioned to drop whatever we’re doing to post “proof” of what fun we’re having, what we are doing right this second, for people to see and react to.

I take a lot of photos, I take them for my enjoyment.  I have been very active on Instagram because I view it as an online photo album.  But what also happens, I will sit and scroll endlessly on Instagram, looking for entertainment, inspiration, etc.

Instead, I want to just “be present” in whatever I’m doing at the moment.  I want to spend more time creating – knitting, painting, writing.  I have deleted Instagram and Facebook from my phone.  I don’t intend to look at them on my computer.

Those people I am in contact with daily, we will still communicate via text message or Messenger.  I won’t cut that off, but the rest of it, the mindless scrolling and scrolling.  I want to stop that.

Gonna try this for a month and see how it goes!