#Chopper’s feeling more like himself today. He was out of it all last evening and slept all night. Still not a fan of the cone and the eye drops. #retiredracers #greyhounds #longsnooter #bigreddog

It was hard to capture the true colour of the crust and crumb. This was another new recipe using only Mr. Cy Shribman, no additional commercial yeast boost. I used unbleached bread flour. Again, my rise times are much longer because the house is cool. For the bake, I probably could have pulled it out 5 mins sooner. It is a good chewy crumb and crusty crust. I did better diy-ing a proofing banneton. (Strainer with a tea towel and A LOT of flour). Last night I was contemplating giving up on sour dough. I watched a video where it was three single spaced pages of instructions and 36 hours of work. Meh. But this is promising! #pandemicBaking #sourdough #sourdoughstarter