It’s been quite hectic

This summer has shown my family and me a lot of challenges. Health issues, adequate care, a battle to get my father the care environment he needed. I know we are not unique; so many families go through the same struggles.

I know other provinces and indeed other countries have chronic health care inadequacies, staff shortages and burn out. Especially in these pandemic times.

Thankfully, Thursday we were able to place my father in a lovely care home that will ensure his safety and 24/7 care and attention. It is just around the corner from my mom, so she can easily visit him!

Bill continues to do well at his care facility. It has been so hot lately that our morning visits we just have a short walk before we are ducking back into the refreshing air conditioned home to sit and watch the fish tanks (what I call Fish TV)

Ol’ Choppy has been limping sporadically the past 4 or 5 weeks. On Wednesday it was quite pronounced, so Friday first thing I was able to have him seen by the vet. He does have arthritic hips, so I will continue with meloxicam and try to temper his attempts to keep up to Leggy in the backyard.

Chillin’ in the a/c with Cuddy

After ny visit today with Bill I got caught up on housework and now I will attempt to sew/work on this dress project I started a few weeks ago.

We shall see

Miss Sassafras

I had booked an appointment for Legacy to get her teef cleaned. That was a week ago Monday. It all went well, no extractions.

I’m fine…

She was glad to be leaving the vet’s office, but was pretty groggy once I got her home. Had to carry her up the steps. She crashed until the next morning.

From this point onward, I’m going to try to be more proactive and brush her teeth more often. My wallet can’t handle another dental any time soon.

Having some pretty hot, humid weather. The other morning I let the dogs out at 6 am and it was 100% humidity, the outside of all the windows had condensation and the lawn was as wet as if we’d had a shower. I am looking forward to cool autumn days. 🍂🍁

Sewwww, it’s been a while since I sewed anything

I don’t have cable TV, so I watch a lot of YouTube. I am always interested in the random suggestions they have for me. This video for sewing a bucket hat was one of them.

Actually, I need to back up. I watch videos by a young Hutterite woman in Manitoba. Fascinating glimpses into their way of life. Because of that, YouTube recommended a video made by a young Mennonite woman on how to sew a couple of simple dress designs. So that is how I got into the sewing algorithm on YouTube.

Reversible bucket hat!

I watched a few videos on bucket hats and set aside all Sunday afternoon to work on it. In the past, my sewing endeavors have most often ended in tears because I rush, have no patience and then things go badly.

I was very pleased with the result! And I will be making a few more of these.

Simple elastic waist skirt

A couple of weeks ago I watched a tutorial on making a basic skirt. I did that, but found it was too full for my taste. The method recommended 2x waist measurement. So yesterday I redid the skirt, and dropped it down to 1.5x. I’m much happier with this.

Starting to fill my mind with other potential sewing projects!

Finally the weekend

And hopefully I can get caught up with things around the house. After a couple days of rain, the sun is out and just fluffy white clouds scatter the sky.

Those eyes 👀

I’m trying some low fodmap biscuits for mom. The dough was very sticky. They smell good in the oven, though!

I also hope to cut out pieces for a bucket hat sewing project and maybe do the actual sewing tomorrow afternoon. Today I must get the lawns mowed and that will take a couple of hours.

Had some rain, now it’s sunny and cooler

My favourite types of weather, rainy days, and cool summer days. I’m not a fan of the heat at all. Or humidity. My ideal summer temp isn’t higher than 18°C. Ha.

So we muddled through the long weekend. I have been on the phone more these past 6 days than probably in all the previous year combined. While technology is great, texting is convenient, and email is useful to summarize and reiterate one’s points, sometimes a phone call is (to me) a necessary evil. People can’t blow you off as easily when you’re on the other end of the phone.

I haven’t even really had a chance to take any cute pics of the poopers, so I dug into the Cranky archives and found this one, taken September 2010 with Apollo and Sabrina, on a rocky beach behind the post office/hospital area in Tofino, BC. Back when we were free to take our annual vacation out there.

Apollo and
Sabrina, best long snooters

I did a little Lightroom to enhance that photo; 12 years ago my digital camera would have been the equivalent of a potato ha ha ha!

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on sewing simple projects. I made myself an elastic waist skirt and it turned out really nice, but I feel it’s just a little too full and needs less poofiness. I will revisit and rejig once things settle down, lifewise. I have fabric and a pattern for a reversible bucket hat, so I think I will give a few of those a try. Of course, it always looks easy on YouTube. 😉