Had some rain, now it’s sunny and cooler

My favourite types of weather, rainy days, and cool summer days. I’m not a fan of the heat at all. Or humidity. My ideal summer temp isn’t higher than 18°C. Ha.

So we muddled through the long weekend. I have been on the phone more these past 6 days than probably in all the previous year combined. While technology is great, texting is convenient, and email is useful to summarize and reiterate one’s points, sometimes a phone call is (to me) a necessary evil. People can’t blow you off as easily when you’re on the other end of the phone.

I haven’t even really had a chance to take any cute pics of the poopers, so I dug into the Cranky archives and found this one, taken September 2010 with Apollo and Sabrina, on a rocky beach behind the post office/hospital area in Tofino, BC. Back when we were free to take our annual vacation out there.

Apollo and
Sabrina, best long snooters

I did a little Lightroom to enhance that photo; 12 years ago my digital camera would have been the equivalent of a potato ha ha ha!

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos on sewing simple projects. I made myself an elastic waist skirt and it turned out really nice, but I feel it’s just a little too full and needs less poofiness. I will revisit and rejig once things settle down, lifewise. I have fabric and a pattern for a reversible bucket hat, so I think I will give a few of those a try. Of course, it always looks easy on YouTube. 😉

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