My name is Terri and I knit. My blog is where I ramble on about knitting, my retired racing greyhounds, Crossfit, other creative pursuits.

If you are looking for my Socks 101 page, it has been retired years ago.  I can recommend this site as a great tutorial on several methods of sock knitting:  http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/.


18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Terri,
    long time I was looking for a greyhound sweater pattern until I fortunately found yours. (By the way, I nearly got mad trying to understand an English knitting instruction…but I was successfull…and the sweater looks great!)
    Now I´d like to say “thank you” by sharing my dog´s paw experience with you. Every other day my spanish greyhound Tigre has scratches or cuts on his legs or paws, he´s a wild runner. The best treatment I found is to wash the wound with Aleppo soap water. Aleppo soap is made of pure olive oil mixed with a little quantity of juniper oil. The idea to use it was born when Tigre had a bad, not healing wound on his ankle and it worked. To protect my dog´s paws in winter I use olive oil or bees wax. Nevertheless the paws must not get to soft.

    best regards !
    Ilona & The Hounds

  2. Terri
    I had found a pattern that I think was yours -Socks 101_ and now it is gone. The server can not find the webpage. I am new to knitting and had thought this pattern was one that I could follow. Can you help me?

  3. Another plea for the reinstatement of your Socks 101 page – I had it bookmarked, but when I tried to show a friend, it was gone! *sob*

  4. Another plea for the reinstatement of your Socks 101 page – I had it bookmarked, but when I tried to show a friend, it was gone! *sob*

    Completely copied from the last person. . .but agree (1000)

  5. Hi Terri,

    Disaster ! Your fab socks 101 page has gone. It has taken me an hour to track you down on the net and now that I have here is a plea from novice sock knitters world wide. Please bring it back ! I referred to it often and it also had a link to your own sock pattern that I was about to follow. Please help us !

    Julie, gutted in Shepherd’s Bush, London

  6. help!! I have done one sock from your pattern 101 and now I can’t do the other – please help me!

  7. Hi Terri, I have used your socks 101 pattern before with great success! However I can’t seem to find it online anymore… I was wondering if you’d be able to email it to me or perhaps let me know if it is still online? I’m from Australia for your interest and we’re heading into Winter so it’s sock time again! Your dogs are gorgeous. Sadly, 3 weeks ago i lost my little guy. 😦
    Anyway, keep up the blogging and knitting and cooking… Many thanks, Nik.

  8. ANOTHER plea for Socks 101! I took time off and am ready to knit again for my poor, poor deprived daughters and I need your oh-so-easy to follow instruction!

  9. I am also looking for your Socks 101 tutorial. I was lucky enough to print it out and laminate it, but my other knitting friends want it, and I will not part with it. When will you repost it online? It is the definitive sock tutorial.

  10. for those looking for the now-retired Socks 101, please go have a look at Silver’s sock class here which is chock-full of great tips and photos.

  11. Thanks for the link to Silver’s sock, I’m getting ready to print my first pair of socks in years and really appreciate your linking me.

    Also, love, love, love your christmas photo’s. those are some darn cute hounds and family you got there!

  12. Hi Terri Lee, I’ve been searching the net for your Socks 101 demo. My sister in law had an old copy of it, but would like to get it myself from the net. I’ve never made a pair and she swears by your method! Are you going to reinstate it?

  13. Hello Terri and your beautiful dogs! I’m so happy I found you! I’m having a blog with my ‘Nero’ – we write about knitting, sewing etc. our dogs and cat! I just love your dogs and even more because as a child we had one greyhound and 3 afghans! They are just adorable! I enjoy seeing yours with their comfortable peds and warm blankets!
    See you soon! We send you our best wishes with sunshine from Crete! Teje and Nero

  14. Terri, I just love your blog! We have been thinking of adopting a greyhound for years. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences about living with them? Email me.

  15. Hi Terri!

    I love your greyhound sweater, I would love to sell the piece on my etsy shop with credit to you!

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