It never ends

I had hoped that after we got Dad settled in his long term care placement, that “things” would somewhat slow down and I could establish a new normal for myself. Judging by how hectic September continues to be, it’s not looking good. 🙃

We are, however, enjoying some beautiful warm (very UNseasonal) autumn days. The leaves are beginning to change colours; hoping that the wind doesn’t blow them all off the trees too quickly.

Last Thursday I gave myself a day “off” and went for a long drive. I put the poopers in the van, packed us a lunch and snacks, and my camera bag and headed SW. When I drive, I find myself drawn to the east side of the province where the onion dome pickings are lush.

Mitchell Homestead

It started out being a bright, sunshiney day, the blue sky we only seem to enjoy in September. But as I went further and further south, the clouds came and the winds grew to 50 kph. I will see if I can find a video I took with my phone and add it here in a later edit.

I had heard though the “rurex” grapevine (rural exploration) about this abandoned house so that was my main target and turnaround point. I wish it wasn’t raining and so blustery. I would have liked to look at it more than I did. When I find these abandoned places, I -rarely- go inside them. Not safe, and I don’t want to trespass on someone’s memories.

When I head out for a photo drive, I usually have a “guaranteed” target in mind. But I found this barn, and an old one-room school house on the way. I think next time I go, I will just rely on luck and a sharp eye to find targets organically. That might be fun for a change.

Abandoned barn

Once I got home and loaded the sd card onto my computer, I realized my camera sensor had three large dust spots on it, so I’ve had to “heal” them in Lightroom. I am learning post-camera editing and like to play around with preset filters.

I have been trying for weeks to get started on my next sewing project. I found a great pattern from an independent designer, the dress is called Celeste and I found some nice mid-dark wash chambray to use. I will need to scale/grade (? terminology?) to adjust the sizing from the bodice to the skirt. Two different sizes, yay me.

I will do a mock up or muslin before I cut out the chambray. Hopefully on the weekend I can spend some time on that.

Edited to add the blustery wind video

The wind was so strong I couldn’t hold my phone steady for the video.