Jimbo Beach 2004 – 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks and we are still very sad and missing our Ava.  I will share what I posted on the Facebook greyhound group:

Our sweet old lady greyhound Ava (Jimbo Beach) left us on Monday morning (June 19) to meet Sabrina and Apollo over the bridge. Rufus and Chopper are missing her sorely.

When our first greyhound, Sabrina (tall, lean and lanky Supermodel) left us, Apollo was bereft. It wasn’t long before we brought Ava home. Her kennel name was Peanut, but we felt she needed something a little more refined. So Ava it was. She took over the role that Sabrina left vacant and Apollo was happy to let her lead.

When Apollo passed, Ava was very lost without him, so a week later Rufus came home to be bossed around by her. Rufus isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and he looked to Ava for direction and approval. They had a great relationship, but as Ava aged, she couldn’t go for long walks any more, and her romps in the yard were shortened.
So along came Chopper. He was an impulse adoption, as we never intended to have a three dog pack. He fit right in and became a great companion to Rufie, but also was devoted to Ava, making her love him. Ha ha!

Ava had some various “little” medical issues over the past several months, but in the past two weeks, she had become lame on one front leg, and last week began having nose bleeds. She deteriorated quite quickly over the weekend. Sunday night she slept motionless with Chopper by her side. She called out in the night a few times when she shifted and was in pain.

Monday morning she was unable to get up, and when we tried to assist her, she cried out in pain. She was trembling and her eyes were defeated. So we carefully bundled her up in her favourite blanket, drove to the vets and they were able to come to the van and help her on her way. It was very calm, quiet and peaceful. We had both the van doors open, the sun was shining on her beautiful grey/brindle face and there was a warm breeze.

RIP, our little girl. 2 February 2004 to 19 June 2017.

Here is the very first photo I took of her:

with her brother Apollo on that first night.

and the last:

that sweet, ghost-faced roacher

Little Ava

Our reigning queen turned 13 yesterday. She celebrated quietly with extra cookies and chicken. ❤

Gotcha Day!

It’s Ava’s fifth “gotcha” day.  She had just turned 7 when she came to us. Now she’s 12 and has lost a lot of her dark muzzle and brindles.


She has slowed down and likes sleeping in the sun on her couch, but still comes running when she hears the cookie cupboard door open!

Garter Stitch Hat

I love how this turned out!  It will be really warm and cosy.

simple garter stitch toque

I love my pompon maker – it does a great job!  Ravelry project page is here.  I had started this with a 96 stitch cast on, but as it has no ribbing, it was way too big for me.  I ripped it out and then did an 80 stitch cast on.  I messed up the decreases as I wanted to decrease over six points (my preference) but instead I ended up decreasing over five.  I like how it turned out, regardless.

The matching mittens were done a few days ago.  Also turned out great.

Supermodel Ava

Ravelry project page is here.  I have a few more new hat patterns I want to try, but I’ll get back to making some mittens soon.

thumbs up for mittens!

While browsing Pinterest I came across an interesting looking recipe for a breakfast quiche.  It had pepperoni and pizza sauce, so not exactly “clean” eating.  I printed it off to give it a try.  After reading it, I realized it wasn’t really any different (other than pizza theme) than other recipes I’ve tried.  Still good.

breakfast quiche, no pepperoni

The recipe is here.  I increased it to 12 eggs, omitted the pepperoni and pizza sauce.  I added natural/no preservatives black forest ham and used fresh red peppers instead of canned.  That illustrates one of my hugest peeves with Pinterest.  People throw around the term “paleo” with no concept as to what it means.  I can assure you, pepperoni is NOT paleo.  While I do not follow a strict paleo diet, I do try to make clean eating choices and avoid processed foods.  What I made is delicious and healthy.  (And note to self:  that baking pan worked perfectly.  Remember for next time.)

Learning new things

I signed up for the Olympic lifting class last night.  Once a week my gym offers a class specifically programmed for working on Olympic lifting skills.  I had already signed up for the regular 7 p.m. class, but I wanted to give the Oly class a try. (And then did the regular class after – ugh.)

I learned a new (to me) lift called the split jerk.  I had never tried this before, and I love it!  It’s quite a quick, forceful movement.  I got up to 90 pounds, which is the heaviest I have ever had overhead.  After we were finished, I realized that I was using the wrong (for me) leg as my forward leg.  I did a few extra rounds with my left leg forward and it felt much more stable and strong.  I’ll look forward to doing this lift again.

We are now very much into normal winter weather.  We had a fair amount of snow fall over night and during the day.  Good call on my (new) winter tires on my car.  On my drive to Crossfit last night, I encountered an accident caused by people driving much too fast for the road conditions.  Dumbasses.

I haven’t had a lot of time to knit on my latest hat.  I’d like to finish it tomorrow.  In order to up my hat game, I used a coupon at Michael’s today and got this:

pom pom maker!
pom pom maker!

(I thought they were called pom poNs …)  I tried all the various cardboard methods and my pom pons were crap.

"This is bullshit!!"
. “This is bullshit!!”

Ava is not impressed that it takes longer to get her dressed to go out than she actually spends in the yard.  Poor old lady.  The boys love playing in the snow, but she does not.

always with the good intentions!

Ha, I always think, “oh, I should do a blog post” … and then three weeks go by.

Things have settled down a bit here.  The after-shocks of the demise of our derby league have subsided.  I and my fellow ref have joined the league in Saskatoon and have been taking turns driving down for practices.  It’s very nice to have a full reffing crew to learn from/with and to discuss scenarios and rule interpretations.  I also went down to a boot camp they hosted last weekend and helped out during the scrimmage.  The derby season is gearing up for the province and I have several dates already booked, and several tentative ones that I haven’t committed to yet.  While I truly miss our own league and the fantastic chemistry we had, I don’t miss spending several hours a week working on board and league business.  It’s nice to just show up and skate.  And now I have time to pour over the rule book and watch footage on tv.

I managed to finish a pair of socks.  I had originally started these using the two-socks-on-one-set-of-dpns (double knitting, one sock inside the other).  I had tried that a few years ago, but found it too stressful.  Well … it was still stressful and not relaxing.  So instead of keeping going and being anxious about it, simply to have what equates to a knitting party trick (the second sock inside), I split them onto two separate sets of double points and carried on.

I had started with two separate colours of yarn so I could see easily which was the inside sock vs the outside.  But after splitting them onto their own set of dpns, I realized I would have to knit a second pair of socks when I was done these.  Instead I swapped yarn after I turned the heel.  They are fraternal socks, not identical.

Sweet Georgia Yarn “Tough Love” sock yarn  

The colourways are Black Plum and Nightshade.  Such lovely tonal colours!  Ravelry project page is here.

I have some really cute and interesting sweater patterns that I want to try; they call for DK weight yarn.  I need to see what I have in that weight.  I’ve been working on minimizing our house/possessions/STUFF and that included my yarn.  I had some storage bins in the basement that had really not been touched since we moved here over six years ago, so I pulled it all out, sorted it according to people who expressed interest in it, and cleared a lot of it out.  What I have left is recently purchased yarns and/or yarns that I really loved and wanted to use.

For now, I cast on for a sock yarn hat using the leftover yarns from the socks.  I’m working a Fibonacci striping sequence; that’s interesting!

“The Fibonacci sequence – also known as the golden ratio.  It’s a pattern of numbers that occurs naturally in nature and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The numbers give perfect proportion and will produce interesting stripes.

1 + 2 = 3

2 + 3 = 5

3 + 5 = 8

5 + 8 = 13

8 + 13 = 21

The sequence: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc.

Each number in this series equals the sum of the two previous numbers.”

I will post a photo once I have made more progress.  It’s looking good so far.  So until I figure out what my next “big” project will be, I’ll use up some of my sock yarn making socks and hats.  Maybe mittens.  Who knows!

The poopers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring.

"when will it be warm"
“when will it be warm”

Ava doesn’t care because she doesn’t like being outside, but the boys are getting antsy for long walks along the river bank and playing chase in the yard.  Chopper has a cut on his toe from the sharp ice in the yard.  The past few days have been melting and messy, but it’s only early March, so we’re not fooled that spring is actually on its way.

Oh, it's not so bad, after all.
Oh, it’s not so bad, after all.

Yesterday we bought a twin sized 6″ foam mattress to put in the living room to replace two old dog beds.  Chopper stretched out on it all night, but Rufie was leery of it and didn’t want anything to do with it.  But this morning, he gave it a try.