Tea Party Socks

I made a quick, simple pair of socks using Sweet Georgia Yarn’s Tough Love Sock Yarn in colourway “tea party” for my dear friend, Ande.  I was heading out for a long weekend visiting her in Vancouver.

1×1 ribbed cuff, 3×1 ribbed leg and instep

Always pleased with the way Sweet Georgia yarns knit up. So soft and such great colours.

I (of course) picked up some yarn when I was in Vancouver; mostly sock yarn.  SGY and also some Biscotte yarns.  Another line that has great colourways and self striping designs.

There is aran weight yarn waiting in the wings to turn into a First Watch cardigan.  I picked up the buttons when I was in Vancouver at Button Button.  Great store.  I’ll get that sweater underway soon.



Sparkle Socks Done!

I finished off these great looking socks:


Sweet Georgia Yarns "Cashluxe Spark" sock yarn

Sweet Georgia Yarns “Cashluxe Spark” sock yarn

I didn’t think I’d have enough to do the entire sock with the yardage I had, so for the toes/heels I used some Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love sock yarn I had left over.

Ravelry page here.  The Cashluxe was part of a Sock of the Month offering in 2015.  Very nice yarn to work with.

I’m still debating yarn for my next sweater; I need to do a gauge swatch of some Cascade Cloud that I got.  But I’m making another pair of socks right now.


It’s done! It’s done!

The Octodude (Knitter’s Dude sweater) is finished!  I had to wait a day to get some buttons because the ones I bought at the yarn store were 1.25″ and I needed 1″.  I didn’t think to check when I was making the buttonholes on the band, so I had to see what I could get locally.

The Knitter's Dude sweater, modified

The Knitter’s Dude sweater, modified

My Ravelry project page is here.  I made several modifications which I have listed in my project notes.  I wanted a different colourwork motif than the pattern had, so I found an octopus graph and incorporated that.  I also wanted to keep the “oceanic” theme and changed the other colourwork sections to waves instead of Greek key.

the back

the back

I added length to the body/torso (before the yoke) and the sleeves because most patterns are too short for me in those areas.  The sleeves ended up being a bit long, so I have folded back the ribbed cuffs and am happy with that.  I can fold them down if my hands get cold!

The sweater is knit in the round, then steeked to make a cardigan.  I’ve done steeks before (for armholes on Dale of Norway sweaters) but it has been more than a few years.  I did some googling and got my sewing machine out.

eeeek!  Cutting the steek.

eeeek! Cutting the steek.

After picking up and knitting the button bands and collar, I was able to find some really cool grosgrain ribbon to use to cover the steek ends.

hand sewing the steek facing

hand sewing the steek facing

I spent a lot of time doing the detailed finishing work.  I trimmed the steeks down close to the stitching to reduce bulk, then sewed the ribbon on top.


isn’t the ribbon awesome? I love skulls as much as I love octopus!


I sewed on small clear buttons on the inside of the button band to reinforce the buttons.


the buttons I found locally. I might swap them out for some to match the burnt orange stripes, if I find the right ones.

I used Cascade 220 Heathers for this project.  It’s a great “workhorse” worsted weight yarn.  I have enough left over to make a hat.  For now, I’ve cast on a quick hat using Vanna’s Choice that will go into my donation box.

Getting close!

I’ve been working diligently on my “Knitter’s Dude” sweater.  I had to do some modifications (adding length, changing the colour work motifs, etc.) so it’s taken a while.

ready to begin the steek process

ready to begin the steek process

I gave the front a light steaming so it was nice and smooth for sewing the reinforcing lines of the steek.  I have cut the steek and am working on the button band/collar.  It’s almost done!  Super pleased with the colours and the motifs I chose.

Some knitting

I got a bee in my bonnet to make a Cowichan-inspired sweater.  I didn’t necessarily want to make a bulky weight sweater, and I found a great alternative on Ravelry.  The “Knitter’s Dude Sweater” (so named because it was a replication of the sweater in “The Big Lebowski”).  It’s a worsted weight version, so much more to my liking for both knitting and wearing.

two sleeves done

I wanted to change the pattern’s motif/colourwork charts to suit me, so I found an octopus graph and am incorporating that into the sweater.


I have to add length to the body and sleeves, so I’m keeping good notes and hopefully it won’t end up too long.  The sweater is knit completely in the round, then the front is steeked to turn it into a cardigan.  The collar is added last.

Ravelry project page is here.

A couple of hats

When it’s hot (as it is on the prairie in July and August) I sure don’t feel like having a lap full of wool, so I have been staying away from starting any sweaters or shawls.  I made a couple more hats to go in my donation bin.

a woman’s medium, simple toque


slightly larger, men’s or women’s

Both made with leftover Vanna’s Choice yarn.  I have a lot of smaller amounts of different colours, so my goal is to keep making simple, warm hats until it’s all used up.

Did I show this hat before:

bulky “Woolspun” yarn using a broken rib texture

I had a few balls of a bulky weight yarn that I wanted to use up, and while these are very quick knits, the thick yarn annoys my hands, so this will be the last one I’ll make.  I am giving the remainder of my bulky yarn to a fellow knitter.

So the plan is to stick to smaller projects.  I couldn’t go very long without having some socks on the needles, so I have a pair underway along with a smaller hat made with Vanna’s Choice.


Chunky Mittens

I had chunky/bulky weight yarn left over from a hat I’d made during the winter, so I wanted to make mittens to match.  I didn’t have a “go to” pattern because I always make mittens using worsted weight.  I looked around online and found some patterns but they all seemed to be oddly written.  So I just went ahead and created my own.

Lion’s Pride Woolspun yarn

They were a quick knit, but I prefer worsted.

matchy matchy!

Into the donation box!

Secret Knitting Revealed

The two projects I had been working on of late have been delivered to their recipients, so now I can show them here!

First pair of socks was a chart I’d made up on my own.  It’s supposed to be sheep …

sheep? eh, whatever

I used some black Sisu I had on hand, and the Regia is a newer colourway in the Fluormania line. Ravelry project page is here.  I like the black background with a brighter contrast colour, but man, is that Sisu splitty yarn.

The other ones were made with some lovely Sweet Georgia Yarn “Tough Love Sock Yarn” in two shades of purple:

I made three-round stripes of the two shades of purple

The Ravelry project page is here.  These were a second try at getting custom-fitted socks for a friend.  He says they fit perfectly, so that’s good to hear.  Project notes made for the future!


And done!

According to my Ravelry project page, I started these on March 29th.  They took a while, but it was worth it!

Pet Octopus Socks!

I started with a 72 stitch cast on because of my calves.  Then I decreased to 64 stitches for the rest of the foot.  It’s still a little tight where the mermaids’ arms are – I should have started the decreases further down the leg, but the charted pattern didn’t really allow for that accommodation.

Still, they turned out great and I will be happy to wear them!

My sock drawer:

just my socks …

There’s 46 pairs there.

I made this:

Cable Tea Cosy

The Ravelry project page is here.  This was knit in two pieces, but I can see it would be easy to adapt to being seamless.

I’m looking for another stranded sock pattern right now; I really liked the challenge of the octopus socks!

These socks are taking a while

It certainly is not a quick project.  I’m being so careful so I don’t make mistakes with the chart.

Sock 1

Sock 1 – gusset decreases completed

I am doing them in tandem – work on Sock 1, then work on Sock 2 to the same point.  Years ago I made a pair of stranded mittens.  I did the one mitten, then after it was completed, did the second.  The difference in gauge was problematic, so I wanted to try to avoid it in this project.

The chart and stranded knitting makes me slow down.  I think these will be really cute when done and I hope I can block the upper ankle to fit my leg.  I’m sure I’ll be able to.  I’ve been looking already at other stranded sock patterns to try.

We’ve been busy with Crossfit.  Our gym hosted a provincial olympic lifting event on Saturday and I spent four hours being a “loader” – the people who change the weights and load the bars for the athletes.  It was a workout in itself!

hard work!

hard work!

The first picture was about 20 minutes into it.  The second photo was nearing the end of our four hour shift.

Last Sunday and this past Sunday, our Happy Hour gym Crew have been taking our dogs out for a nice long walk.  Active Recovery Day!

part of the crew

part of the crew

It’s nice right now because there are no bugs.  Yet.

sunday walk 1


It was quite cool this past Sunday but last week was quite warm and I needed sunscreen.