Jimbo Beach 2004 – 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks and we are still very sad and missing our Ava.  I will share what I posted on the Facebook greyhound group:

Our sweet old lady greyhound Ava (Jimbo Beach) left us on Monday morning (June 19) to meet Sabrina and Apollo over the bridge. Rufus and Chopper are missing her sorely.

When our first greyhound, Sabrina (tall, lean and lanky Supermodel) left us, Apollo was bereft. It wasn’t long before we brought Ava home. Her kennel name was Peanut, but we felt she needed something a little more refined. So Ava it was. She took over the role that Sabrina left vacant and Apollo was happy to let her lead.

When Apollo passed, Ava was very lost without him, so a week later Rufus came home to be bossed around by her. Rufus isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and he looked to Ava for direction and approval. They had a great relationship, but as Ava aged, she couldn’t go for long walks any more, and her romps in the yard were shortened.
So along came Chopper. He was an impulse adoption, as we never intended to have a three dog pack. He fit right in and became a great companion to Rufie, but also was devoted to Ava, making her love him. Ha ha!

Ava had some various “little” medical issues over the past several months, but in the past two weeks, she had become lame on one front leg, and last week began having nose bleeds. She deteriorated quite quickly over the weekend. Sunday night she slept motionless with Chopper by her side. She called out in the night a few times when she shifted and was in pain.

Monday morning she was unable to get up, and when we tried to assist her, she cried out in pain. She was trembling and her eyes were defeated. So we carefully bundled her up in her favourite blanket, drove to the vets and they were able to come to the van and help her on her way. It was very calm, quiet and peaceful. We had both the van doors open, the sun was shining on her beautiful grey/brindle face and there was a warm breeze.

RIP, our little girl. 2 February 2004 to 19 June 2017.

Here is the very first photo I took of her:


with her brother Apollo on that first night.

and the last:


that sweet, ghost-faced roacher


Old dogs, young pups, running

Outside of the numerous times a week I go to our Crossfit gym, I want to do some work on my “running”.  It’s really hard for me because I don’t enjoy it, probably because I’m not very proficient at it.  We’ve been out a few times, and I went once on my own and did a 5K.

It’s more “fun” and less miserable to go with friends.  Our friends’ Great Pyrenees loves to go for a “jog”, whereas our poopers are content to lounge inside with the air conditioning at a comfortable temperature.

a couple of weeks ago on a muggy afternoon

I was smiling because we were almost back to the parking area.  Ha ha.

Our poopers are doing fine; Ava is 12.5 and quite happy to just stay home.  She doesn’t like the heat and she doesn’t like noise and rambunctiousness.  We do get her out for a little stroll now and then.

little ol’ lady Ava

I found a harness we had for Sabrina and tried it with Ava. I feel like it made her feel more stable and less tiring.

the family

We’ve been out for a few bike rides in the evenings as well.  We’ve been having a great, active summer.

These socks are taking a while

It certainly is not a quick project.  I’m being so careful so I don’t make mistakes with the chart.

Sock 1

Sock 1 – gusset decreases completed

I am doing them in tandem – work on Sock 1, then work on Sock 2 to the same point.  Years ago I made a pair of stranded mittens.  I did the one mitten, then after it was completed, did the second.  The difference in gauge was problematic, so I wanted to try to avoid it in this project.

The chart and stranded knitting makes me slow down.  I think these will be really cute when done and I hope I can block the upper ankle to fit my leg.  I’m sure I’ll be able to.  I’ve been looking already at other stranded sock patterns to try.

We’ve been busy with Crossfit.  Our gym hosted a provincial olympic lifting event on Saturday and I spent four hours being a “loader” – the people who change the weights and load the bars for the athletes.  It was a workout in itself!

hard work!

hard work!

The first picture was about 20 minutes into it.  The second photo was nearing the end of our four hour shift.

Last Sunday and this past Sunday, our Happy Hour gym Crew have been taking our dogs out for a nice long walk.  Active Recovery Day!

part of the crew

part of the crew

It’s nice right now because there are no bugs.  Yet.

sunday walk 1


It was quite cool this past Sunday but last week was quite warm and I needed sunscreen.

Sparkle Socks

The secret socks I was working on have been delivered to their recipient.  They turned out pretty nice!


Sweet Georgia Yarns “Glitterati” Sock Yarn in wisteria and sapphire

Ravelry project page is here.  I probably wouldn’t have had enough of the purple yarn to do the sock completely (men’s shoe size 12) so I also had the lovely “sapphire” sparkle yarn.


sparkly toe!

It was hard to capture the colours correctly with my camera. The blue is darker than it appears and the purple also is a deeper hue.

I do have enough of the sapphire to make myself a pair of socks, I think.

Last Friday (March 25th) was the last week of the Crossfit Open.  As my arm was still healing and I was having a hard time getting the swelling to subside, I opted out of doing 16.5.  It was a real stinker of a workout, so I’m not too broken up about missing it.  Next year I’ll do all five!

I did help out judging again:


being judgemental

We had a gym event on Good Friday and had a potluck as well as the workout.  Such a great community of friends.


Five of the six of the Happy Hour Crew

And it wouldn’t be a blog entry without the poopers:


It was warm enough a few days ago to have some windows open and get the breeze blowing through the living room.

March Hare

or March hair!


is it curly? is it straight? No one knows!

Trying to decide what to do about my hair.  The top has finally reached the length that I need to “do” something to it.  If I’m just going to the gym, I don’t much care what it looks like, but when I’m out in public, I’d like it to be less “homeless person” and more styled.  But I don’t want to spend any time on it.  I really like it when it’s very short but feel like I’ve put this effort into getting the top long, I should do something with it.

poopers march 2016

The poopers have no opinion, one way or the other.

I have a hair appointment on Thursday, so I’d better decide.

More hats and hounds

Crocheting that afghan took a lot out of me.  Ha ha ha!  I didn’t want to crochet for a while after it.  But I didn’t know what I wanted to knit next, so I did end up crocheting a couple of hats.  The brown one shown below, then I used some of the leftover afghan yarn and made this purple one:

seamless hat with camel stitch

(I don’t know why my phone camera has been blurry lately – more on that later)

I saw a hat with “camel stitch” on Pinterest and looked into how it was done.  It looks like a horizontal knit stitch.  So I tried a few rounds on this hat.  Interesting.  I used the “seamless earflap hat” pattern for this, but just didn’t make ear flaps.  I finished it with a couple of rounds of single crochet.  Ravelry project page is here.

I started knitting a basic hat using the greys from the afghan – not really using any specific pattern, just ribbed bottom then stocking stitch stripes.  I cast on 90 stitches to start.  Ravelry project page is here.  I no sooner got that underway when I decided I wanted to try knitting myself a pair of knee high socks.  I’d made some for a friend before (who had stick straight legs so not much shaping needed for the calf) but needed to think and do some math for my meaty calves.  I have started them (project page here) and have done 2×2 rib for about 4″ on the first sock and am now catching the second sock up.  I’ll need to look at my math again.

We have had some bitterly cold days lately.  The poopers haven’t been too interested in going outside for very long.

staying warm

I had noticed lately my phone camera wasn’t taking sharp photos as it usually does.  Part of the problem is that autofocus doesn’t like brindle fur, so it’s hard to get a sharp photo of Ava, especially if she’s moving.  But then some pics of the hats and other dogs were blurry as well.  So I tried an experiment this morning – one photo with my phone, one photo with one of my compact digital cameras.



Canon PS Elph 300

On flickr it shows the technical details of each photo.  The camera used an aperature of f/2.7, the phone used f/2.2.  Shutter speed was 1/60 on camera, 1/17 on phone (because I had the flash shut off it needed a longer exposure).  Focal length was similar, 4.3mm on camera, 4.2mm on phone.  ISO setting was 800 on camera, 160 on phone.  I have most settings set to auto, but I might experiment with the phone and see if I can make the photos come out better.

Ava in her jammies



Now I remember why

I don’t like making afghans.  I’ve been crocheting on this thing forever and it’s sooooo sllowwwww.

crappy photo late last night

I abandoned the two-row colour scheme and am now doing 4 rows of colour.  I am about halfway through the yarn I got, so hopefully that means I’m halfway through the afghan.  It’s pretty mindless work, but dull.

This morning I tried to straighten my hair.  Either I’m getting better at it, or having the crown a bit longer helps:

After some heavy lifts last week, and talking to my gym friends, I decided to order a weight belt.  It came in the mail today:

Grizzly – ha!

That will help keep my lombar snug and supported when we are lifting heavy.  We’ve had some really great programming the past few weeks.  I’ve already made some progress on my 2016 fitness goals!  It’s going to be a great year.

Yesterday Chopper was due for his annual check up and vaccinations.  We decided to sneak him out of the house and leave the other two at home.  Okay for them, but poor Chopper was anxious without his brother and sister.  He puked in the van on the way home, then passed out on our bed for a few hours.

poor baby

He weighed in at 83 lbs, so down a bit from last year.

Rufie, just chilling

little old lady, Ava

We’re supposed to get quite a bit of snow overnight, so the boys will be happy to have some to play in tomorrow.  Ava doesn’t care.

Newsboy Cap

I finished this cute pattern yesterday.  I’d definitely make it again, but I wouldn’t make it as deep as this one.  The pattern calls for 7.25/7.5 inches deep before finishing off the brim, but I’d stop at 6.5.

Newsboy Cap in Vanna’s Choice “Denim Mist”

Ravelry project page is here.

This post is brought to you by black and white painted Chopper:

more fun with SuperPhoto!

After Crossfit tonight, I finished preparing my items for our pot luck tomorrow.  We are having our Pure Athletics Christmas party.  It’s an all-day affair.  We have five workouts we’re going to do, and at lunch time, everyone will bring something to share.  I saw this recipe and wanted to try it out.

Coconut Balls

I’d call this clean eating.  All natural ingredients – dessicated (unsweetened) coconut, coconut oil, raw honey and a dash of vanilla.  And I coated them in “Enjoy Life” brand melted dark chocolate chips.  They are the least processed chocolate chips I can find.  The recipe is here.  One note, she doesn’t say to melt/soften the coconut oil but you should so the coconut will mix together and stick.

I also have a crock pot full of my favourite pulled pork recipe!  We’ll definitely be earning it tomorrow.


Photo Fun

I have some crocheted hats to show, but not until tomorrow.  On one of the greyhound forums I follow, people were posting photos of their poopers that they had made with a photo editing app called “Super Photo”.  I actually have that app on my smart phone but had never used it or played around with it.  It’s fun:


This is the painting filter.  There are several different filters/manipulations you can play around with.  I liked this one so much, I changed my laptop background to it.

Sunday was my last derby obligation for another eight weeks or so.  It has been a long season.  I realized the other night that since I became involved in derby (March 1, 2012) I haven’t had an “off season”.  So this is going to be a well deserved break from skating.  I’ll still probably go ice skating, though.  And of course I’ll be going to Crossfit all the time!