Orange Surprise Sweater

“Pink Memories” pattern

I added this project to my Ravelry page when I didn’t have the pattern in front of me.  I knew it was some odd name, in my mind it came up as “Orange Surprise”.  The actual pattern is called “Pink Memories”. 😀

I had this Madelinetosh Tosh DK that I had bought years ago to make a short sleeved sweater.  I decided I wanted to use it for this, so I had to source come other yarn so I would have enough.  I found some at Hawthorne and Wool and love how it complements the orange.

I made my usual modifications to the sweater (longer in the torso, longer in the sleeves).  Instead of doing the colourblock option that the pattern has, I decided to add some contrast colour stripes/bands.  I like how it turned out.


I also did my preferred method of waist shaping.  The original pattern calls for an A-line shaped body, but I didn’t want that.  It also has garter stitch sections, and a pocket.  I ignored all of those.

Waist shaping

Again, I was off with my measurements and it’s a bit roomier than I had anticipated.  I washed the sweater when I got back from my trip to Vancouver, and it became quite loose and drapey.  I put it in the dryer for a while and that tightened things up a bit.

The colour of the yarns is most like the second photo.

The yarn was nice to work with, but the orange bled a lot onto my hands and needles.  It certainly is different after washing.  I am starting a new project with another colourway of this same yarn, so I did my gauge swatch and then washed it and dried flat.  It bloomed and softened.

perfect for under my rain coat in Vancouver!

Soooo, that’s been a while.

I haven’t given this blog any attention for months and months.  It took us a while to adjust to having a household without Ava.  The boys were sad for a while, and looked for her for a few weeks after.

We took a short road trip end of September to Duluth, just to see what was there.  Unfortunately (for me) they were having a heat wave and the temp one day was 39°C, and that was down by the lake.  Ugh.  I didn’t enjoy that very much.  We decided to go the end of September anticipating lovely cool autumn days, but that didn’t happen.  It was fun to get out of town and do some driving, though.  But always nice to get back home.  Chopper did better on this trip than he did his first one in 2014 (just weeks after he came home to us), but he is definitely a homebody dog.  Not as seasoned traveler like the rest of our hounds have been.


We had a nice drive once we got past Winnipeg.  Boring flat southern Canada.  We decided to go via Kenora, Ontario, then south through Sioux Lookout, etc.

Choppy getting his feet wet in Lake Superior. Very hot that day, humid and muggy.

I’ve been trying do spend more time in creative pursuits.  I’ve started learning watercolour painting.  That’s really hit and miss, but I enjoy working at it.  Have done some knitting as well.  I will make some individual posts with some of the projects I’ve done recently.

March 1, hopefully we will start to see some milder temps and weather.  This winter has been horrible for wind and extreme temperatures. 😦

Radio Silence

Ooops – I didn’t realize it had been this long since I posted.

I took off to Vancouver for my birthday and spent four days with Ande.  We had a great time.  It was blue skies and sunny when I arrived, but by the next morning, it was mostly showery for the next couple of days.

great day for a ride in the Porsche!

We headed out to Victoria for the day on Friday – DeHavilland Twin Otter over in the rain, and a Turbo Single Otter on the evening flight back.  We flew Harbour Air from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria and were on foot for the day.


Ande is not comfortable on small planes, but she was a trooper!   I love float planes!

We did a ton of walking around downtown Victoria, did a couple of self-guided historic walking tours.  We spent a couple of hours at the Royal BC Museum; always a fun time.  And we had afternoon (fancy) tea at The Empress Hotel.  Very posh.

Getting all fancy with our tea!
Getting all fancy with our tea!

As we had been up since 6 and walked all morning, we were ravenous and almost forgot to get a photo of our delightful tea:

the delights!

Those scones were soooo good!

I took some photos which are in my flickr album here.  We had a great four days.  Lots of Bing time and snuggles, and we had a pug that stayed for the weekend.  We went to a Jamaican picnic where I had Goat Head soup; we had Chinese hot pot; went to Dayton Boots for custom made boots.  Hit up the Roundel for a fantastic brunch.  Managed to find a yarn store and bought some yarn. Spent some quality time at Ande’s beautiful condo.  I finished knitting a mitten.  I had a direct flight back from YVR so spent the $$ to upgrade to a “plus” seat so I had some leg room.

Love this Orca!


Fort Carlton

As part of our Sunday Funday aka “active recovery” days, we decided to drive somewhere, take a ferry, and see something.  We packed a big cooler full of good eats and hit the road in the van.  Gorgeous sunny day, not too hot.  I had looked up Fort Carlton and the website I saw said it was open.  We took a circuitous route which involved a ferry, a religious shrine (detoured) and the Fort.  Which wasn’t open on weekends after all (not until July).  Hmmpht.

but I want IN!

Such a beautiful valley near the river.

looking west-ish

We explored what we could at the Fort, then had our delicious picnic lunch before heading out again.  We decided to not follow the map and just drove to see where the road went.  We got to the pretty much abandoned hamlet of Carlton nearby.  More pics are in the album here.  We walked around.  Interesting, but eerie.  We took a few turns here and there and ended up coming out at Rosthern.  So we stopped and had a look at the visitor center (closed).

handstands everywhere!

Did some light deadlifts.

Red River Cart Deadlifts

We then stopped at the Valley Regional Park to give the zip line a try (and have a pee).

a little more rustic than the Elk Ridge one, but fun all the same

And we stopped in at Duck Lake and had a look at Russell Hanson’s museum.  Really interesting stop to make. We drive past it all the time; I’m glad we had a look.  We plan to do more of these little day trips throughout the summer.

Sunday Funday

Instead of doing our usual dog walk at the local park, our crew did a little road trip to explore an abandoned dam site near here.  La Colle Falls << info link

We took two trucks out – we had conflicting information about the state of the “road” going in, and were prepared to walk in, if need be.

“what could possibly go wrong?!”

We had to stop in a couple of spots to roll logs into ruts so the trucks didn’t bottom out, but we made it in.

off roading

It’s an interesting story – the most interesting was the fact that at the dam’s location, there never was/would be enough of a current to generate the amount needed to produce energy.

the entire site is heavily graffitied
I’m on your damn dam!

We explored every bit of the dam site.  It took some doing to get up inside, but we did.

success! And I only got a scraped calf.

We walked along the river bank towards the forks.  We saw a lot of deer and moose poop and tracks.  We skipped some stones in the river.

my stone is bigger than yours

We had lunch at the nearby Saskatchewan Forks picnic site:

we worked up an appetite for good eats!

Here’s the entire album on flickr.

In other news, it was Rufie’s 7th birthday yesterday.  He was happy to stay home and relax in the air conditioning.  The type of terrain we walked/climbed on all day was not greyhound friendly.

“I’m fine …”

Vancouver Part 6

As with all good things, on Monday my visit had to come to an end.  Ironically enough, it was a bright, sunshiney lovely mid-winter day in the lower mainland.

I arrived at the airport in plenty of time to check my bag, get a bite to eat and people watch.

turboprop all the way home

I had a direct flight and was glad I paid the extra to get a seat with more leg room.

and no one was in the seat beside me – score!

We flew into cloud cover as we went over the mountains.

back home!

The poopers were happy to have the house return to normal.  I spent the next few days getting laundry done, getting back to crossfit and my usual routine.  Great trip!

Vancouver Part 5

Sunday – back to the winter drizzle, but it was intermittent.  And at +8° C I wasn’t going to complain.  It was a lot colder back home.

We made a quick trip to MEC to look at day packs, then conveniently we were close to a Memphis Blues BBQ, so we had lunch:

The “Elvis” platter

We missed that in May, so this was a delicious treat!

elvis platter
that’s some good eats right there!

We needed to walk off our lunch, so we went to Granville Island on the way home.  There’s a fantastic hat store in there:

ande hat
I loved this hat on Ande!


hat 2
Some sort of Voyageur chapeau on Ande, and a leopard print Sherlock Holmes on me


hat store
Is your head cold? Nyet!


grumpy cranky
Grumpy Old Cranky

It was fun!  They had an imaginable number of hats of all descriptions and styles.  And some knitted ones, but I could make them a lot less expensively than they were being sold for.

Bing was pretty exhausted with his active weekend:

“good night, Auntie!”

As we had such a big lunch, we had a tasty salad for supper and made an early night of it.