Sock Catch Up

I had purchased some lovely Biscotte and Cie sock yarn when I was on one of my trips to Vancouver.  After making some socks for other people, I decided to make a pair for me.  I used my usual sock stitch count/pattern, but after I had done the heel flaps, I ripped them back because I wanted to try a different heel treatment.

Watermelon Socks!

Ravelry project page is here. I liked the after-thought heel and will use it again.  There are a few refinements I would make to it, and next time I’d make the foot just a little shorter before beginning the toe decreases.  Cute!

A friend recently had her 40th birthday and I made her a pair of socks using another colourway of Biscotte & Cie.

Ladybug colourway

The Ravelry project page is here.

The Biscotte yarns are very nice; while they say superwash, I wouldn’t put them in the dryer unless you wanted to felt/full them to make them smaller.  Great colourways!


Long time …

no post!

For two retired people, we are always busy with something.  I’ve been working since February, I think, on this First Watch Pea Coat sweater.  It was a bit of a gong show with starts and stops.  It took three tries to get a yarn that could meet gauge without being too drapey.

The yarn I ended up using was Cascade Cloud; it does seem to be a true Aran weight yarn.  The others I tried were labeled/marketed as Aran, but were really just worsted.  This yarn is a 70% Wool – Merino/30% Camelid – Alpaca blend and is a “chain” yarn, or cabled.  Not spun.  I found it really annoying to work with because it was really splitty.  Also the only colour that my LYS had enough of, was navy.  So it was a challenge all around.  Very dark and hard to work on at night.

Obligatory awkward photo; the navy is really deeper than shown here

The pattern itself is really straight forward.  Top down, raglan sleeve construction and the button band (wide) is knitted as you work the body.  I liked it.

I did some modifications; I had to add length to the sleeves and torso, as usual.  I also added in front and back waist shaping.  I really like the body shape when I do that.  It’s the same as I did on my Flax and Lush sweaters.

I got the buttons when I was in Vancouver in February at Button Button, a fantastic little store downtown.  I ended up being two buttons short due to the added length (and I probably could have spaced the button holes a few more rows apart, in retrospect) so I emailed them and they were able to send some out to me.

I think I need to do a bit more blocking and maybe put an invisible snap on the bottom of the button band so it doesn’t flare out.  Or it just could be the shorts I was wearing; the waist has a chunky drawstring …

The Ravelry project page is here.

I made a few pairs of socks here and there for birthdays, and squeezed one pair in for myself.  I don’t know where the photos are of the other ones.  Let me go look.


More Spartan!

They posted some photos of the Spartan race.  Unfortunately, even though there were photographers at several points on the course, they only posted the photos taken at three particular obstacles because those were also chip-timing points.  I guess with 1,900+ racers, they had to be able to have a reasonable process to manage the photos of racers.


We got filthy, especially in the barbed wire/mud crawl.  The one photo with the red circle is the only proof I have of doing the rope climb!  I wish they had a photographer at the rope climb because SO MANY people failed at it!

We are starting to make a training plan for next year!

New (to me) Wheels

So I got talked into doing a mini triathlon next weekend. I said I would do the bike segment if I could borrow a road bike from someone.

At the gym Thursday night one of the women in class offered me hers. So I checked it out and it was the right size for me.  I brought it home then was thinking it would be great to have a road bike again.  As she is relocating overseas, she was amenable to selling!


I took it out for a test ride this morning to check seat height, shoe cleat positioning, etc.  and it was very comfortable.

Glenn Miller Orchestra, March 9, 2016

I was thrilled to see (months ago) on the GMO tour schedule that not only were they again coming to Canada for a tour, they were actually coming to our little city!  Bill and I have seen them four (five?) times before, but we always had to go to Edmonton to see them at the Winspear.  I keep stalking the venue’s website and as soon as tickets were available, I got some!


The shrug I had been working on was to wear to this event.

and Bill in his new suit!

We had a fantastic time – there really is nothing like a live performance.  The venue was small, but it was nice to have seats so close to the stage!  They played the first set for over an hour, then a 20 minute intermission, then they played another 45 minutes or so.  Really great performance, a lot of familiar tunes (impeccably played) and a few new-to-me ones.  They had a different female vocalist than the last time we saw them.  She has a lovely voice!

The “Moonlight Serenaders”

The band personnel has also changed a bit since we last saw them, but they were “in tune and on time” – professionals!

in the mood 3
In the Mood

The link should go to the video,  but I was having trouble getting it to play.  They sounded phenomenal!

The evening was over all too soon.

Vancouver Part 3

On Friday, we had a lazy morning, no rush to get going.  We wanted to check out the Sweet Georgia Yarns studio.  They are one of my favourite yarn producers and local to Vancouver.  I wanted to find a nice luxurious yarn to use to make a shrug to go with a sleeveless black dress I have.

this is the sale “bin”

They have a small office/storefront with their in stock yarns/colours, and next door was the dyeing space and the clearance/sale bins.  What a delight!  They have several different yarn weights and blends and they are all quite lovely.

(The sharp-eyed among you might notice Ande is wearing MY new boots … what a good friend to help me break them in!)

I ended up getting some Cashluxe Spark in the “magpie” colourway.  I think it’s a good match to my shoes:

Fluevog Odette and Cashluxe Spark in Magpie

(More on the shrug in a later post.)

We had Ande’s nephew coming to stay overnight, so we didn’t stay away too long.  The yarn studio was our big excursion.

These boots (Fluevog Malcolm) were worn to start breaking them in:

Fluevog Malcolm in brown – very comfy already!

We had a lovely supper then watched a movie and knit.

my whippety assistant!