I never got a chance to post Canada Day photos,

so here are a few. The big fella marched in the parade, as usual. And I dutifully went and took photos, which look identical to previous four years’ parades here.

Sabrina and Apollo sport their Canadian flag bandanas and the ultimate Canada Day accessory (®Ande) , a Mountie in red serge!

I’ve been working non-stop for a week …

but the main level of the house is unpacked and organized. I finished up my office last night/this morning and am taking a little break.

I really like my kitchen:

We indulged ourselves with some new LG stainless appliances and they’re very, very nice.

The main floor living room has become our gathering space; mostly because the lower level family room is still full of boxes and furniture that needs to be organized.

The pups are getting better navigating themselves on the laminate flooring. Coming from a place that was mostly (manky old) carpet, they were unaccustomed to the slick floors. Apollo actually fell over one night while having his supper (like a tipped cow) and the entrance stairs were s-c-a-r-y for the first few days.

I love that orange wall!

The house is a bi-level, so at the front entrance you go up a half flight to the main living area, or down a half-flight to the basement. Sabrina/Gladys loves the open plan and being able to see out the windows and hover above the entrance way to check out who’s at the door. Which leads me to this:

Sabrina discovered that she could stick her head through the spindles at the scrolley parts, but when she raised her head up, only her neck could fit through the straight parts (i.e. her ears and head were through the spindles already). She got a little panicky and luckily I was standing very near to her and realized what she’d done. I pushed her big, empty noggin lower so she could back her head out where it was wider. To solve that problem (if she’s stupid enough to do it again) I strung some cord and snugged it up tight, so she can stick her head through the spindles, but cannot slide it up to the narrow part and get stuck again. And I thought she was the smarter of the two.

I have more photos that I’ll do in another entry. Sabrina and Apollo are quite relaxed and enjoy waiting for the big fella to arrive home after 4 p.m.

this break in the unpacking is brought to you by …

YouTube! Ah, all the great vids I’ve been missing, not having high speed. Well, now I’m pumped up with “high speed plus“, so watch out!

Gah! I can certainly see Sabrina pulling that same stunt! Luckily, the only window facing the road (and garage, and point of departure for us) is a nice bay window with a window seat, so the few times we’ve left the house without them since the move, we see two little Greyhound faces supervising!

The big fella was thinking we should get a pool for the poopers. They love their back yard – big grassy area to run, and the previous owners had kids, so a big, raised sand box. They’ve been out there digging to China and having the occasional spazz in circles on the sand.

I can’t wait to finish getting us settled so I can take some pics and vids to share!

we’re in the new house …

but it’s a disaster – boxes and confusion everywhere. It will take us several days to unpack and organize ourselves. It ended up being more expedient to mostly unpack ourselves and put things where we’d like them to stay.

It’s disgustingly hot and we can’t hook up our portable a/c until we get a different venting part – first thing on the list tomorrow. I will be much happier once that’s done.

I do, however, have high speed, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

in limbo

I have tons of things to do for the move (and the lists to prove it!) but cannot until after the weekend. So … I guess all I can do is sit and knit!

After yesterday’s much welcome rain and cooler temps (hordes of angry mosquitoes aside), today is sunny and hot and the forecast claims it will remain this way through to next weekend. Ger-reat! (not). At least we don’t have to worry about it raining during our move.

We have the portable a/c unit upstairs in Apollo’s room. It keeps the upstairs quite cool, good for sleeping. The main floor isn’t quite as comfortable, but is better than having no a/c at all.

“Whaaaat? You’re not looking at my boy bits, are you?!”

The dogs have been content to just hang out and snooze the days away. We get out for a nice long walk in the morning and evenings (we’re ignoring the mosquitoes, hoping they will get the hint). These dogs are not stupid – they know where the a/c is!

I hope to have finished the Cozy V-Neck by the end of the weekend. I am working on the first sleeve and it’s now 2×2 ribbing down to the wrist, then the same on the second, and then the ribbed neck band. I tried the sweater on once I had cast off the body and even with no sleeves, it was FAB!

Brindle bums!

Who nose?

I’m too sexay …

I should mention that our home phone is disconnected as of Monday; so that means I will have NO INTERNET access until Sask Tel comes to our new home and installs everything on Friday afternoon.

And now I should go feed these starving hounds …

it’s raining! A great start to the long, long weekend.

You all know how I hate the heat. So I was sooo happy when I awoke this morning to the sound of a steady rain falling. It’s supposed to rain all day. That should settle things down for the long weekend. Except in checking the weather forecast, I see it’s supposed to be disgustingly hot for the next seven days or so. Blech.

We’re waiting to hear from our realtor and lawyer to see if we can get possession of our house today. It’s supposed to be Monday, the 30th, but our lawyer and the vendors’ lawyer are closed Monday, stretching the July 1 holiday into a loooong weekend. The money has changed hands, or will do so during the business day today. So we’ll see.

I’ll be back later with a couple of pics and an update.

Update: we will not get an early possession of the house.  It will go ahead at noon on Monday as originally planned.  It continued to rain most of the day, so was a good day to stay in and knit.  I’m working on the first sleeve of the Cozy V-Neck now and will have it done this weekend.

Emerald, she is finished!

I was able to do the “finishing” on Emerald last night. I think I will love this sweater – just putting it on to check button placement was like getting a big, soft merino hug!

So the details: I used Amy Swenson’s Emerald pattern and Mondial Kross yarn, which is a lovely superwash merino. I used colour #267 “hombre”. I had a few balls of yarn that had knots in them, but just a few. The yarn is very soft and cushy and knits up quite lovely. The only problem I had was that it was quite splitty and I had to watch to make sure I wasn’t splitting it when I was knitting.

I did a few mods to the pattern: I decided to eliminate the “YO” portion of the raglan/cable decreases, so just did a SSK and K2tog instead of the “yo, k3tog tbl…” etc. I would probably use Amy’s version on a sweater with a finer gauge yarn but I thought with the bulky weight, it would be too holey.

Instead of one 60 mm button, I used two 34 mm buttons and guessed at placement and size of the button holes. I cast off three stitches for the button holes, but after I was finished the, uh, finishing, I went back and reinforced the button hole with a round of single crochet. It now closes securely.

I also went and added one row of single crochet to the bottom of the button bands. It didn’t quite meet up with the bottom edge of the body ribbing (I had to pick up the button band stitches that way because of the “divisible by 4, plus 2” thing. The s.c. edge helped with that and also helped it lay flat. I did some judicious steam blocking to get everything to lay “right”.

And it wouldn’t be an “FO” without the Reitman’s music …

it was so hot this weekend

that my greyhound melted …

We tried to stay out of the heat as much as we could and kept the hovel closed up from the hot sun …

but it was of no use. Sabrina was melting, m-e-l-t-i-n-g …

So we fired up our portable air conditioner. It’s a bit of a cluckerf*ck to get it set up and going and I was hoping that we could avoid that, this close to our move. But the big fella and the hounds agreed, we must have a/c.

It only took a couple of hours and the upstairs was blissfully cool:

So cool, in fact, that Apollo needed to snuggle into his favourite plush blankie.

Today is quite a bit cooler, so the a/c is off, the windows are open and there’s a brisk breeze blowing through.

The dogs know that when we move the beds out of the way and put the sheets down, it’s chew bone time! Gotta clean those teeth.

Greyhound-to-couch ratio: 2/3 : 1/3

It’s funny because Sabrina is as tall as Apollo, but just two inches shorter in the torso length. But Tubby McPoundage outweighs her by 17 pounds, so I guess he needs that extra 1/3 of the couch for his immense bulk. Bwah!

Even though it was warm and I wasn’t thrilled to have a heavy, bulky weight sweater in my lap, I finished the knitting on Emerald. I don’t know if I’ll have time to do the blocking and finishing today because we have an appointment in town at the lawyer’s to sign the mortgage, etc. While I was working on it, the big fella had a bit of a family situation that involved lots of engrossing phone calls and while listening to his end of the conversations, I accidentally worked two rounds past a cable crossing on the raglan decreases. Aw, shit. So I ripped back the cable panels, did the crossing, then worked back up to where I should have been:

This is two rounds past where I should have cabled.

I worked the round to that portion and unraveled the six cable stitches for two rows. The unraveled stitches leave two long loops that I used to cross the cable and reknit the stitches.

After I had cabled, now I’m purling back those six stitches. Luckily, I only had two rows to unravel, but I’ve done this “fix” on projects before when I realized several INCHES later that I missed a cable or else I had crossed it the wrong way. You do have to fiddle with the stitches on either side of the cable panel to readjust the tension, but it’s easy.

There! All fixed! I had to do this at four points around the sweater.

And because I’m having the Year of Startitis, I decided to cast on for some socks:

That is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, colour #504 “Lakeview”. Gorgeous! I wonder if I’ll have different pooling/swirling lengths as I did with the Daffodil socks. It’s too soon to tell.

“I know I’m gorgeous. Call my agent.”

And now, I must have more coffee.

because I don’t have ENOUGH knitting project ideas rattling around in my grey matter

I picked up the latest Sears catalogue when I was in town the other day. I have been flipping through it at random and have noted to myself that they had a lot of knitwear in there – even stuff I’d like to wear!

This would be so totally easy to make … some sort of a knit poncho. I like it! And not just because I bought that same hat in West Van last trip … You can click on the photo there to get a bigger version to see the detail.

Also there was this short sleeve shrug which I find appealing, as well as the mock-neck sweater in the photo next to it.

And there was this really nice hooded cardigan – and I don’t think I’m being swayed by the delicious orange or java colours … If you look on page 60 of the Fall catalogue, you’ll also see on the corner of that page a dark brown, longer sweater coat. It was hard to tell at first if the orange cardigan was the same thing. Then I saw the orange one was much shorter = me likey.

In other news, girls’ night last night was fantastic. We had some awesome nachos, fruit platter, sun chips, and of course the lemon tarts. Yum. We watched Becoming Jane which was pretty good. It seemed to drag a bit, but not a bad movie. Oh, while I think of it, why does CBC fuck us over by having some good tv series (like DaVinci’s Inquest which morphed into DaVinci’s City Hall, and then Intelligence) which they then cancel after we’ve all been hooked and are enjoying it, then to buy the dvds, they want a fortune? And do not get me started on CTV’s Cold Squad (hello, Cold Case – thanks for ripping us off!) Everyone bitches about our shitty Canadian tv, but when they have some great series, they cancel them. Grrrr!

Okay, that ends today’s rant. BTW, that power outage the other day lasted NINE HOURS …

socks shouldn’t take so long

“Haven’t you finished those socks yet?! Get to work.”

If I have nothing else on the needles distracting me, I can pound out a men’s pair of socks in less than a week. However, I’ve been suffering from severe “startitis” this past year, so my sock stats are down.

Hmm, you can really see the “Tubby McPoundage” reference in this shot. Aw, but look at his speckly pink belly!

Even though these were the same dye lot, the one sock is much more muted in dye saturation than the other. I wonder why that happens? I’ve had that happen often with Fortissima/Socka sock yarn, but never with any Regia yarns.

She stayed like that for at least 20 minutes, so it must be more comfortable than it looks.

The weather is rather crappy today; it started to rain during our a.m. walk. It’s been off and on showers since then. We’re having girls’ night tonight and want to get out for a bike ride, but that will depend on the weather at the end of the day. In the interest of continuing to clean out the pantry, freezer and cupboards, I made some lemon meringue tarts for tonight:

I made two dozen, but I had to eat two of them because there wasn’t room in the Tupperware container …


The big fella will come home later this evening. Sabrina has periodically reminded me of her pathetic plight:

“No, I don’t want that Mr. Pig toy any more. No, I don’t want to lay on the nice, soft cushy beds. I will lay on the rough, manky carpet. (er, except my chin, which I will nuzzle into the soft fleece blankie …)”

Neighbourhood watch, greyhound style. (p.s. one of our nicknames for Sabrina is Gladys, as in Gladys Kravitz. You can imagine why.)